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The Calculation is applicible to 90% of the Worlds ports and includes:

* U.S inland freight to port.
U.S port fees, Trucking, loading.
* U.S Customs export approval.
Sea Freight to your closest major port.

Sea Freight insurance.
Help to find your car.
Car history check, (checking insurance companies and police database).
We will be your interface to seller, forwarding all your questions, adding our long experience.
Help to set up a "pre-purchase check" perfomed by autorised workshop if you want.  
The purchase of your car is made by us (no unknown transporter)
* We will call you upon
purchase and send pictures (and sometimes even live VIDEO)
  to get your "Go Ahead" to
You will always have Direct telephonenumber to "your Agent"
Same Agent will by person deliver your car to U.S port for export to YOU.


What is a ZIP-Code and how can I use it when searching the ads?
A Zipcode is an aera number or a postal number. Moste of the US ad-sites demands you to print a ZIP-code to start your search. .

What ZIP-code shall I use ?
Useful ZIP-Codes:
90815 (Long Beach, close to Worldwidemotors in Los Angeles).
07201 (New Jersey, close to harbour) Freight time to Europe).
33303 (Ft Lauderdale, close to harbour) .

Why Import from the USA?

USA is one of the largest car markets in the world. California is the largest luxury car market in the world.
Several of the states has a warm and dry climate that preservs classic cars well.

Can I trust the milage ?
In the USA is it forbidden by law to manipulate hte milage (not in europe) We always compared the milage to CARFAX etc to minimize the risk of beeing tricked.

What is a CARFAX ?
A company that gathers information about a veichle from insurance companies, DMW, police etc. The imformation ic connectecd to the cars VIN.

What cars can i buy?
We can help you buy any car i USA.

Can I buy a brand new car?
Yes, but it can be long deliverytime and you will have to pay the salestax.

What about warranty?
We recommend you to get a good car insurance in you own country.

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